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My name is John Wiemels, and I am running for Walton County Board of Commissioners for District 2.

As a decade-long citizen of Walton County District 2 I have seen some very questionable decisions made by the Board of Commissioners and the Walton County Planning Commission. These decisions have mostly detracted from the beauty of our county and way of life.


Prior to and after my retirement from the U.S. Air Force I had the opportunity to manage several Plans and Programs organizations within the USAF. I have experience with contingency and long-range development planning for traditional as well as special operations units, in addition to multi-billion-dollar weapons systems. I intend to bring this experience to the Walton County Board of Commissioners.​


With your help, I believe we can manage the massive change being ignored by our current Board. I will work tirelessly to maintain the unique character of Walton County and stop its transition into another industrialized manufacturing center within the Greater Atlanta area. I know this can be done, just not with our current Boards mindsets.​


I am running a small grassroots campaign to bring common sense and change to the Walton Board of Commissioners.​


I hope to earn the votes of my neighbors in District 2 and put us all on a path to Keep Walton, Walton!

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